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CCBCo F-1300 Fly Rod Pikie, Pikie Scale:

A superb example in strong EX condition with the metal leader. Bright and exceptional. (Cat. #19058)

CCBCo F-1302 Fly Rod Pikie, Red Head & White:

A blended red head. Minute nick where line tie was inserted (as usual). Lightest wear line on left edge of nose (really picky here!). Original metal leader. EX- cond. (Cat. #19059)

"Umbrella" Flasks/Shot Glass:

Disguised as a man's umbrella! The cloth outer sleeve appears to cover an umbrella. Instead it covers a hollow wood shaft that contains three 4" glass vials for hiding booze! A metal tip and a solid wood taper at the base. The top 7 1/2" is a double threaded wood & brass handle. Unscrew the complete handle to reveal the three corked glass vials. The brass end cap unscrews to a secret shot glass! Overall condition: A small split in the wood handle where it joins the shaft. Both sets of threads are worn but work. The shot glass is a tight fit inside the cap. I would leave it in place. This is a super rare item that will keep you "wet" instead of dry! (Cat. #15441)

Marked "Sticking Tommy":

Shows surface russet but no heavy pitting. Flexible lunch pail hook that holds candle base is complete. Spike is clearly stamped "L.A. Sayre & Son/Newark, N.J." Complete tip. 12 1/4" long. I'm told this great mining item was found near Walker, AZ, close to where it was purchased.
(Cat. #19050)

Early Patent Tower Handcuffs:

Most examples are a later patent date or without a key. This pair has 90% of the original nickel & FIVE patent dates ranging from 1874 to 1882. Also marked "Towers Patent". The three links are the correct twisted style. Has a working key. These cuffs are the double locking type. The first stop allows the cuffs to be tightened past the original setting & a second turn of the key locks them at a particular setting so they can't be over tightened and injure the prisoner. These working keys are somewhat fragile so shouldn't be forced.
Directions for proper use is included. (Cat. #19053)

Idaho Deputy Sheriff Shield
An eagle perched over the badge. "Deputy Sheriff Cassia Co. Idaho" on banners. Center button: The state seal and "State of Idaho".
Back: Machine pivoting pin and a fork catch. Although an erly style latch, I don't think this is any earlier than c.1930s.
A tough-to-find badge from a county with only approximately 23,00 citizens - and many less decades ago. Super Condition with bright finish.
NO maker mark. (cat. #19051)
Stockyards Knife Sharpening Stone:

No cracks in the celluloid which features 3 stock animals around the globe. "Cassidy Southwestern Commission Co." Offices shown in: Ft. Worth, St. Louis, Kansas City, Okla. City and the National Stock Yards in National City,. IL. Some rust on bezel surrounding the stone.
(Cat. #19042)

CCBCo #7134 Special Box, Blue Flash:

End stamped "Special, 7134, 3 oz." A catalog color from 1952-1956 and 1959-1962. Either made for this color in an off year or with special rigging. Fine cond. A scarce Snook Plunker empty box. (Cat. #19045)