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Fraternal - Convention & Event Badges

1890 TX Road Construction Medal
White metal. Obverse: "Before", (man in a wagon whipping horses over a rough road). "Dallas April-1890/ Texas Road Convention". Reverse: "After" (team of horses running on a smooth road, pulling a wagon). Other info repeated. 1 3/4" dia. Holed at top (as made). 
Rare & early. (Cat. #17008)
Mining Convention Badge
2 piece. Top bar: embossed mining scene, 2 flags. Enameled "Delegate" & "U.M.C. of America, 8 Hours". (United Mine Workers), clasped hands. Bottom medal: heart shaped with scene of kneeling miner hugging a child. Has most gild finish. 
C.1910. 1 5/8" x 3 3/8", maker marked. (Cat. #15334)
Sale: Was $125.00, now $95.00
Lumber Event Badge
Bar pin bordered by 4 logs, "Kansas City... 1913" on banners & "Southwestern Lumbermen's Assoc." Also, "25th" suspended by 2 rings. "Anniversary" in banner. A company ad on back.
(Cat. #10054)