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Vintage Match Safes

Serpent Match Safe
Fork-tongued snake entwined across front. Back: Snake body appears to "pierce" case in two places. Has a monogram. Thick gauge body marked "Sterling". Bottom striker. Never seen this one before. NO dents. 
(Cat. #17573)
Celluloid Matchbox Holder
For pocket matches, wrapped on 3 sides. Ends & 1 striker side exposed. Color litho of senorita, flowers, "Kenteria Havana Cigars". Back in color, too "Mac's Best Hand Made Long (tobacco) Filler" & 4 illus. Side: "(maker), Jacksonville, Ill." NO breaks 
(Cat. #16408)
Gutta Percha Match Safe
Cylinder shape in a green/brown shade. Side: "Superdux Waterproof Sport Clothing, Hamilton Carhartt Co., Detroit". Top striker. Carried for outings in all weather. 3 1/8" h. (Cat. #16176)
2 Fishing Match Safes
a. Nickel plated, virtually all there. Push bottom lid, striker base. Stamped scene of hand net, fly rod & a creel all standing by a tree. Same on back. 2 3/4" x 1".  b. Another of the same with dents & plating gone, thrown in free. (Cat. #16175)
Marked Match Safe
Slip-off top marked "Justrite". Checked bottom to light stick matches. 2 3/4" L. (Cat. #16924)