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About Us

The collectibles field is a huge global market filled with impersonal emails, answer machines and pagers. Sometimes it's difficult to actually speak to someone who is knowledgeable if you have a special question.


At the Emporium I still adhere to the old time standards of doing business by actually working with you one on one. You see I have been in the collectibles market full time since 1963! This experience allows me a rare insight to your customer rights and expectations. Have you noticed how customer services have dwindled over the years at most companies? At the Emporium I take the opposite approach by smothering you with more conveniences and services than other "streamlined" enterprises care to offer.


There are a few more details you may want to know in order to feel perfectly comfortable when ordering from Sweeney's Emporium. I have been collecting and dealing in Colt firearms and western collectibles since 1973. I'm a lifelong resident of the Kansas City area; lived in the same home since 1974 and banked in the same town since 1964. Yours truly is life member #1 of the Texas Gun Collectors Assn., #11 of the Colt Collectors Assn. plus a member in good standing of many other collector clubs. Shoot, I've even written a small book on Colt Accessories, been a contributor to several collector reference books, wrote a ton of articles, won my share of show awards and whew, you get the idea. In short, my involvement in this market is complete.


I hope this insight to the guy behind Sweeney's Emporium allies your fears of doing business electronically and by mail and paves the way for us to get together on a special item to enhance your collection. Don't forget my extended ten day return privilege on any purchase - no questions asked. You see, I'm not content until you are 100% satisfied with your treasures from the Emporium.


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About Us

We do not have a brick and mortar shop for you to visit and browse our merchandise. Everything is shown on our website. We do set up at a few antique gun shows and other collectible shows each year. Please email if you have a question regarding a show in your area.