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Sweeney's Emporium is dedicated to pre-1940 Western Americana. Each item is described in detail, pictured and priced. Nothing modern and no reproductions. If you love antique collectibles associated with the Western experience, you've come to the right place. If you want modern decorator items, we can't help. All items are guaranteed old and as described. Over fifty different categories from which to choose.

Similar to most collectors, you've probably accumulated some early U.S. coins over the years & possibly a group of old time paper money. Usually, they have been tucked away while you wonder what to do with them. Perhaps you have become a little concerned about having this value around the house. Or, if you've rented a safe deposit box, you see the cost of owning these numismatic items increases every year. Now you can either sell these treasures directly to me or trade them for a bonus amount on any item listed on Sweeney's Emporium. You should know that many vintage U.S. coins and early paper money are now valued at or near historic highs!
The good news is that I'll buy or trade for everything. I don't "cherry pick" your best examples and leave you with the common stuff.
I'm interested if you have:
Pre-1965 90% silver 10c, 25, 50c coins
1965-1970 40% silver halves
WWII silver nickels
Silver Dollars
roof or mint sets
odern or Early U. S. Commemoratives
Silver Eagles
ndividual rarities
iscellaneous coins
ollector quality U.S. currency (especially the old "horse blanket" large size notes)

You may not know it, but I became an active rare coin collector in the late 1950's and became a full time coin dealer in 1962 (not just a "weekend warrior"); eventually opening my own business in 1968. I attended over 30 coin show a year and bought and sold millions of dollars each year in collector coins and paper money with many of the leading dealers and collectors around the world. Therefore, I'm more than qualified to appraise your hoard and give you an excellent offer. If you decide to trade I'll even add on a bonus amount.

Doing business with me is easy. Call me at 913-962-2100 to discuss your coins and get shipping instructions. If you don't like my offer, I'll pay to have your coins returned!

I'm a member in good standing of the following numismatic associations: American Numismatic Assoc., Central States Numismatic Assoc., Numismatic Assoc. of Southern California, Great Eastern Numismatic Assoc.